What should I wear?

What to wear is probably the most common question before a session.

There are lots of ways to answer, but mostly we want you to bring and wear outfits that allow you to feel fabulous. The better your feel, more it shows. We want you to look your best in your photos so make sure that you are not feeling self-conscience about what you look like in the outfits you bring.  We suggest bringing an extra outfit or two just in case you aren't feeling what you planned on for the day we shoot. 


I always suggest bringing your special occasion outfits or anything that helps you feel confident and beautiful. 



Don't worry we will collaborate on this a lot.




Do you have a studio?

I am working on finding the perfect location, so for now, we tend to photograph outdoors in the Portland Metro Area using and modifying natural light. That being said we make some pretty incredible photos outside, so don't put off your photographs, we will still make magic happen!



Will you fix my blemishes or remove my wrinkles?

Can you photoshop me?

There is lots of confusion and even a little controversy surrounding photoshop and what photographers do to images. 

We do use photoshop as a method of correcting blemishes and optimizing an image to look it's best. We are happy to remove any non-permanent blemished for you but we do have our limits.

We will not dramatically alter anything about the way you look.

That means that we won't make you taller or thinner and we certainly are NOT going to swap your head onto someone else's body. However, we do all we can to ensure that we use flattering poses and lighting to make you look your absolute best.  We are here to celebrate your uniqueness not make you look like everyone else. 



What is included in the session fee?

Let's get down to brass tax.
our session fee includes

  • A detailed consultation
  • An in-depth planning meeting, so you can gain the most from your experience. 
  • Styling and Wardrobe tips.
  • Your session that will last between 45 - 90 minutes.
  • Posing guidance, I don't expect you to know how to move and pose for the camera.
  • Hand edited images.
  • Professional curating of your collection.


Many sessions have also been known to include

  • Meaningful conversation.
  • Impromptu dancing or singing.
  • Laughter and fun.
  • Lifelong friendship
  • A new understanding of how amazing you are!


All products and digital files are purchased separately.

*Please note reservation fees, sessions purchased during sale events, and gift cards, are non-refundable. Due to the personal nature of photography, all sales purchases are final. 





What if I need to reschedule my session?

Rescheduling Policy

You have a plan to get your photos taken but something comes up and you have to reschedule, but you remember that your reservation fee is non-refundable. What do you do now?

    Well, for starters, stop stressing!
We will get through this together, here's what you need to know.

  • Reservation fees are valid for three months, and our time together can be rescheduled with a  48-hour notice. 
  • A maximum of 1 rescheduled appointment will be allowed. 
  • If your session needs to be postponed due to weather, we will offer you our next available shooting date - because sometimes mother nature doesn't cooperate with us. 
  • Cancellations with less that 24 hours will require your reservation fee to be forfeited, so please reschedule early. 


Please note, reservation fees, session fees, gift cards, sale sessions are all non-refundable.



Do you shoot weddings?

While we have shot weddings in the past and are flattered that you would ask, shooting weddings is just not where our heart is any longer. We are committed to giving you the best experience possible, and we can’t do that if our heart isn’t in it.



Can I bring my pet?

We love animals, so we understand that you would want to have your photos with your sweet 4-legged family members, we do. Unfortunately, having a stranger clicking and flashing their camera near or around an animal can cause a lot of stress for them. We would feel terrible if we caused some unneeded stress, so please leave your pets at home.

If you have a service animal, of course, we will make an exception. 

Please DO NOT bring a beloved pet and leave it in the car

this breaks our heart.








May I bring a friend?

Getting photos taken is exciting!

We know that this is new for you, and you may want to share it with someone that could make you feel a bit more comfortable, so yes it is possible to bring someone with you. That being said, take a minute and consider if having an audience will make you feel even the slightest bit self-conscience. Many people found having someone watch as they get their photos taken made them more nervous. If you think that you will feel anxious, try to avoid bringing someone because it will show in your final images. 

Remember this session is for you, so try to keep that in mind when considering who to bring.