First, let me start by saying that I hate writing these. UGH!  I never really know what to say, I mean I could tell you how much I love photography and my camera, but I am guessing that you already figured that much out. So instead, how about I tell you about the other parts of my life, the things I like, the along with the things I don't.  Some of them are funny, some are serious, all are true. 

In 2006 I met and later married my best friend and probably the kindest man in the whole world (what can I say, I am a lucky girl). He still makes me laugh every day and that is probably the secret to having a great marriage. I am the mother of three incredible, handsome, and amazing teens. One will be going away to college in the fall and two are still in high school. We live a busy life. :) 

I started learning American Sign Language in 2010. It is a beautiful language and I wish more people knew it.   

In my spare time, I enjoy spontaneous road trips to the beach, while blasting my radio and singing along to every song. I spend way to much time at the movies, I have even been known to stand in line for a new release for several hours.  I LOVE board games  - like seriously I love them.  I spend as much time as I can hanging with my friends, and when I can't I binge watch Netflix.  

So now that you know some of my favorite things, it would feel disingenuous to not share with you some of the things that I really don't like, I will try to keep the list short :) 

I really don't like it when people drive slow in the fast lane. I hate chocolate - it's so gross-  this opinion was solidified by the Twix incident of 2012 (I will forever be scarred). I am not a fan of creepy-crawlies, I have concerns as to why they exist (yes I know how good they are for the environment and they help us, I get it, I do) but they must be squashed. EEK! I get super frustrated when I spill on myself, though admittedly, it happens a lot (which is just another reason I love aprons). I hate it when people miss the obvious, I will never see a man in a one-piece leotard and think "that's a good look on him", and movies about possession are just wrong! 

So that about sums me up, if I sound like someone you could spend an hour or two with while rocking out some amazing pics, give me a call and we get this whole thing started with a cup of coffee - I'm buying. :) 

*Post is updated regularly to adjust to an ever-changing life ;)