So you paid your reservation fee of  $125 but you want to know how and when to pay the balance, well let me say,  thanks for thinking ahead. That is awesome! Here is what you need to know. 

The balance is due on the session day. We accept Cash, Checks, or Credit Cards. 


we also offer a payment plan: 

Everyone is on a budget and we respect that, so we do offer a 3 month Payment Plan for those that need this option.  Since we want everyone to be able to afford  quality custom portraits, we happily offer this option, but we have strict rules that we must apply. 

1. You must have 2 credit or debit cards that can be used; a primary, and a backup in case the primary payment fails.

2. You must be willing to have an auto deduction each month on the same day. 

3. You will be assessed a $30. late fee for any payments that are late

4. You will be assessed a $30. NSF fees for payments that are returned.

5. Cash payments are not an option - no exceptions.


*images will not be released nor will they be placed in the editing queue until the full payment has been paid.